Some recent feedback I have received from clients (see our Facebook reviews page for authors/dates);


'Highly Recommended, Trustworthy - I used to dread going away, because no one looks after my boys like I do. When I met Kirsti, we had a meet and greet session; I felt nervous but Kirsti has a very calm nature, taking loads of notes...favourite toys, places they like to sleep, if they needed any special medications. By the end of the session I felt like I had finally found someone who would look after they boys the way I would.'


'Fantastic, friendly, caring and efficient catsitter who really knows her stuff. Wonderful care of our 2 cats while we were away by Kirsti - the purrfect catsitter! Recommended unhestitatingly, and she even taught them ballroom dancing!'


'My cat has been very happy over this last week and quite relaxed, I will use you again when we next go away.'


'I am very pleased with the service you provided and you went above and beyond my expectations.'


'Kirsti is fantastic. Another cat sitter (who moved away) recommended her. Our cats are brilliantly cared for and well stimulated. We always find them happy when we return home after being away. Absolutely trust Kirsti and would recommend her services!'


'Both Watson and I were delighted with the care and attention he received whilst I was away. Pics on here to prove how relaxed he was and so therefore how relaxed I was. 
Many many thanks for your care and my peace of mind.'


'Kirsti has just looked our three cats for the first time and we're delighted with her service. Even the youngest cat, who is a bit challenging to deal with, is looking happy. We also appreciated the email while we were away to let us know the cats were thriving. So, highly recommended'


'Absolutely amazing service. Kirsti is a friendly lovely person who treats the cats she is looking after like royalty. If you're anxious about leaving, she sends text updates too! And a welcome home note letting you know how they got on while you were away. Can't recommend highly enough and we will be using her again :-)'


'Thank you so much for looking after Lily (and grooming and worming her too!) Lily came to live with us recently at the age of 13 - her third home. The thought of uprooting her again to stay in a cattery was very depressing. How would she know it was only for two weeks?! Cat-sitting was the perfect answer! Knowing someone was coming to keep an eye on the house was an added bonus.'


" I am a cat owner of two - Misty and Angel .... having owned my cats for 10 and 18 years I have never felt so well looked after as I have with Kirsti (The Cat Sitter). Both my cats are so used to me I have never been able to leave them with anyone at all and I have never felt comfortable UNTIL we met Kirsti!...she has such an impressive CV but I can definitely say she is as good in person with her utter dedication to the care and comfort of the cats she looks after, as she is on paper! I have never known my two cats to be so relaxed and well looked after...but not only that she also takes such care and a very professional attitude toward the relationship with me and what it is I need with my cats in our home. Kirsti has a wonderful sensitive and gentle approach to the individual needs of my cats and especially as they are both very different and mature in age, I was extremely relieved at how they did not take more than one visit from Kirsti to trust her very obvious / natural understanding of them. I came back from holiday to find both my cats looking very content and healthy and a wonderful welcome home.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found the The Cat Sitter.... a life saver who has made my life and my cat's lives so much happier by being available. The standards are so high I would recommend Kirsti in an instant!"


"The only bad thing about this place is it is thousands of miles away from me. They provided exceptional advice on what to look for in a pet sitter being I can't afford to fly them to Canada to kitty sit for me!"


"This amazing lady looked after our very special 5 cats for 2 weeks and I cannot say enough about the love and care she gave to them, which included taking one of them to the vets for some unexpected dental treatment. The same cat needs hydrating twice a week and Kirstie took on this task as well! 
Having never left our cats for this long before we were a little anxious however we received regular updates on them through-out the two weeks we were away and it was more than obvious when we returned how lovingly they had been cared for.
I would recommend 'The cat sitter' 150% to anyone looking for someone to care for their cat/s in their own home, wonderful, caring service as if the cats were her own."


"Pepper is part of our family so it is very important she be left in safe and caring hands whilst we are not there. It was immediately obvious to us that Kirsti was the right choice. Not only did she have a string of credentials to offer assurances on her professional character, she was organised and took detailed notes on Pepper's personality and our preferred methods of looking after her. 
True to her word, Kirsti provided reassurance whilst we were on holiday that Pepper was doing fine and upon our return we found a wonderful note and photo of Pepper.
It was obvious Kirsti had looked after Pepper fabulously; she was mellow with tail bolt upright and running around merrily as she always does. A great welcome home. Kirsti doesn't stop with being a great carer, she also tended to our plants and put out the rubbish. She really is agreeable to helping with the small things that keep the house looking lived in. That really offers peace of mind. 
In summary, we are very grateful to have found Kirsti. She will be our 'go to' person whenever Pepper needs a sitter and friend."


'Thank you so much for looking after Pat while we were away on holiday - we were greeted by a very happy and content cat who had clearly been given endless love and attention, her fur was silky smooth from the daily grooming and her eyes were still wide from catnip indulgence!
You gave me valuable peace of mind allowing us to enjoy our holiday without worry - thank you also for the updates and photos.
I will recommend your services to all fellow cat owners'

"Kirsti does a wonderful job of looking after our babies. We know they are in safe hands when we are not there. Thank you Kirsti."


'Kirsti aka The Cat Sitter is an encyclopaedia on everything cat and was a god send when we left our cat Jasmine at home alone for 5 weeks last summer. Kirsti took great care of her and kept us up to date on how Jaz was doing. She is reliable, flexible, trustworthy, kind and an all round lovely lady and we highly recommend her services.'

"Gizmo was completely happy with Kirsti and was a very chilled cat when we got home"

"Kirsti the cat sitter looked after our 2 cats Tom and Smudge while we were away ,she cared for them as if they were her own playing and grooming them ,as well as keeping an eye on our home . I would have no hesitation in using this cat sitter again, I recommend her 150% if you want the best for your cats"

"Thank you for looking after Tilly. Great service and Tilly was very happy when we came home"

"A huge thank you from Lucky and myself for your bespoke services. He certainly liked you as I am not allowed to brush him! We will ask you back without a doubt"

"I left my mature rescue cat in the hands of Kirsti for 3 days. Because she had been abandoned I was worried it would bring back bad memories, how wrong was I. Thanks to Kirsti I came back to a content cat. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to look after their cat. Honey is temperamental but Kirsti had her playing and looked after her so well. Thank you Kirsti"

" Kirsti and the service she provides is exceptional.
She helped take care of our puss who had complex needs at the time following major surgery to fix fractured jaws. Kirsti was knowlegable and skilled and from the outset, gained our trust and importantly that of a sick and traumatised cat. She visited daily whilst we were at work, administered tube feeds and medication, and checked on dressings. Without Kirsti's input we would have struggled to manage the situation and her input was an important part of our moggy's amazing recovery. 
Kirsti has skill, expertise and compassion and we highly recommend her."

“Thank you so much for looking after Charlie. I can see that he’s very content and is now purring on my lap!”

“You’ve taken care of Spike so beautifully whilst I’ve been away. She’s so content and in such beautiful condition. I’m ever so pleased with everything that you’ve done and can’t thank you enough”

“Kirsti took excellent care of our cat Stunt when we went away. Feeding instructions were followed to the letter and we came home to a very happy puss. Household security is also of prime concern to Kirsti, basically you can go away without a care in the world knowing that your home will be secure and your cat well looked after and fussed over. Thanks Kirsti.”

“Kirsti is an amazing cat sitter , we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit for our Bengal delta, sadly our Bengal has now passed away but we can’t recommend Kirsti highly enough , if you are looking for a cat sitter you will not find anyone better”

“Kirsti looks after our precious neurotic cat so we can go away without worrying. Rowan adores her, and looks behind the front door when we get back to see where Kirsti is. Rowan is relaxed and happy, and we get updates and photos while we’re away. Purrrfect.”

“Kirsti has just looked after our cat for the weekend and me and my wife couldn't be happier with the service we received, we were kept updated on our cats welfare through messages and pictures, we never had to worry at all as we knew she was in great care, if you’re looking for a trustworthy kind person to look after your cat I strongly recommend using Kirsti, I for sure will be using her again, my cat was so relaxed and happy on our return. Fantastic Thanks Kirsti.”

“Kirsti has been looking after my cats when I'm away for 3 years now and it's always reassuring to have a qualified vet nurse who can clip claws, give pills, administer eye drops, groom them and in general do whatever a cat needs. She takes time to play or cuddle or sit with them on her lap according to their habits and they always look super when I come back. Also, she makes daily notes about their care and notices if there are any changes in behaviour or food or litter tray use.
I can highly recommend Kirsti's care and she's also willing to water your indoor plants or take care of vegetables in a greenhouse!”

“I can highly recommend Kirsti who looked after our cat recently. It was lovely to go away knowing he was being looked after so well and Kirsti even texted me so I would know how he was. We came home to a very relaxed, happy cat.”

“I do not trust many people to take care of my cat. Would definitely recommend Kirsti!”

“I would highly recommend Kirsti - she did a fantastic job looking after my 2 cats whilst I was away. They were both extremely relaxed and content upon my return. Both Jaffa and Mylo approve too! Will definitely be using her services again. Thanks Kirsti!”

“Kirsti is an absolute angel and we can quite happily go on holiday knowing that our two pampered Princes are still treated in the manner to which they have become accustomed! Kirsti spends time with the boys on each visit and plays with them. They love play dates with Aunty Kirsti! We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our boys; particularly as they are two naughty Bengals that are frankly high maintenance! None of that phases Kirsti though and she embraces the madness that two Bengal boys produce! She is professional, reliable and excellent value. Can’t recommend her enough.”

Kirsti looked after my two cats (brother and sister) on many occasions. My mind was always at ease thanks to Kirsti taking the time to tell me how they were getting on and what they were getting up to. She even hoovered up their mess when she presented them with some cat-nip and they made the most of it!!! Unfortunately, my little girl has lost her brother thanks to cancer but I know I can rely on Kirsti to look after my little girl should I need to leave her for a time. Kirsti is an amazing cat-sitter!

Kirsti has just looked after our cat for the weekend and me and my wife couldn't be happier with the service we recieved, we were kept updated on our cats welfare through messages and pictures, we never had to worry at all as we knew she was in great care, if your looking for a trustworthy kind person too look after your cat I strongly recommend using Kirsti, I for sure will be using her again, my cat was so relaxed and happy on our return. Fantastic Thanks Kirsti.

I can highly recommend Kirsti who looked after our cat recently. It was lovely to go away knowing he was being looked after so well and Kirsti even text me so I would know how he was. We came home to a very relaxed, happy cat.

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