Premium Cat Sitting and Cat Grooming services provided by an Experienced former Veterinary Nurse. (26 years experience in small animal veterinary practice)


Home visits – to check on your cat(s) whilst you are at work or when you are on holiday; Feeding, checking/cleaning litter trays, cuddles and company, watering plants, taking in post, opening and closing curtains, switching lights on and off


We provide much more than a 'Feed and Leave' service, with each visit lasting at least 30-45 mins and your cats welfare and happiness being the top priority.


See the Gallery page for photos of recent clients and the Testimonials page for client comments.


Additional services - Nail clipping, Grooming, Basic feline behaviour advice, Weight and dental checks, Administration of medications including flea and worm treatment.


As a former veterinary nurse I am able to confidently administer medications (including injections) and monitor your cats health and wellbeing  whilst you are away. I have a number of clients with Diabetic Cats who require daily injections. 


See the Pricing and Services page for full details of the services we offer.


In an emergency - If you suddenly have to go away at short notice or into hospital the Cat Sitter is able to give you peace of mind and provide cat and pet care as well as looking after you house security.  


Please see the Contact page to book your FREE INITIAL VISIT and confirmation of dates etc...


What makes the Cat Sitter different from other pet sitters is that we specialise in caring for cats only (other small pets considered if siblings of cats.) We do not have employees or subcontract the work out - this is because we care passionately about your cat(s) and wouldn't feel comfortable letting someone else care for them.


We completely understand your concerns regarding letting a stranger into your home, which is why we offer a free initial visit where we stay for approximately 30 minutes to have a chat, show you our CRB and insurance details and most importantly, meet you and your cat(s) to see if your cat(s) feel calm and safe around us. Cats especially have a fantastic intuition about people. Only then if you are happy, we will book your cat(s) in for care. If you change your mind that's no problem whatsoever.


Please note, for your cat's welfare and happiness...The Cat Sitter is a small business run by myself, Kirsti, occasionally assisted by my Husband, Mark. We concentrate on providing the best possible care and provide quality time with your cat(s). For that reason we do not employ anyone else.


See the Benefits page for full details of the benefits of using the Cat Sitter.



As a veterinary nurse with 26 years experience I am confident dealing with any situation that could arise with your cat(s);

- Older or poorly cats needing peace and quiet and lots of cuddles and affection

- Cats requiring medications

- Timid and shy cats requiring quiet, gentle care

- Kittens and mums to be

- Vet visits

- Cat respite care (cats recovering from an operation who need day care)

- Breeders cat care - the more the better!


If your cat becomes ill whilst you are away we will endeavour to take your cat to your usual vets, or to the nearest practice in an emergency.


Using The Cat Sitter means that you are able to go on that holiday or business trip, safe in the knowledge that Kirsti personally will be caring for your cat(s). You will meet Kirsti and Mark (if available)so that we can discuss all of your cat(s) requirements. Where requested Kirsti can provide updates by text or email on your cat(s) whilst you are away, giving you even more peace of mind and enabling you to enjoy yor trip without worry.


CRB check certificate and insurance policy available on request . Full professional pet sitting Insurance.

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