Why choose The Cat Sitter Cat Sitting?


Cats that are easily stressed may have to tolerate an environment that is totally alien in a cattery and this can often be the cause of extra unnecessary stress. Whilst catteries offer often excellent caring services this is not for every cat or suitable for their owners peace of mind whilst away.


Thankfully, there is now a real alternative!


Ten reasons to use The Cat Sitter


  1. Cat sitting is extremely versatile as it can be tailored to suit your cat's individual needs

  2. Familiar sights and smells are very comforting to your cats

  3. Older fragile cats, kittens and timid cats are better suited to a cat sitting programme

  4. Your cats will be looked after by a dedicated cat owner and veterinary nurse with over 26 years experience in small animal practice.

  5. Animals can remain in their normal, daily routine

  6. We are not a franchise - simply a friendly family business

  7. No sign written van - discreet service so as not to attract unwanted attention

  8. When you're away you can call me at any time to check on your cat(s) (or I will text or email you if preferred)

  9. Very economical costs - often cheaper than a cattery

  10. Most of all - happy, contented, relaxed cats


Other services include watering of plants, putting out bins,closing and opening curtains and switching on or off lights to give the house a general “lived in” look to deter burglars.


Safety and security are always a priority and all house keys are kept in a locked safe and are number coded for security purposes.


We have a number of clients who have been away for long periods and we ensure the cats needs are catered for as well as keeping you updated at regular intervals - please contact us for further details.

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